We practice regenerative agriculture and permaculture farming. We raise goats for our personal dairy needs and to clear brush on our land, pigs for plowing and land clearing, we have a flock of guard geese whose eggs we sell in the spring and summer, we have chickens for eggs as well and our guinea fowl keep the ticks and pests under control. We grow all of our own vegetables, many herbs, and transform the majority of what we produce here into food and medicine for ourselves. 

We have rebuilt our home after three years without plumbing or electricity. We have restored our barn and brought our fields back.

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Kirsten Lie-Nielsen

Patrick Jackson

Kirsten is a writer and farmer from Midcoast Maine.  After starting small hobby "homestead", her endeavors quickly grew to encompass geese, goats, chickens, bees, ducks, and extensive vegetable and herb gardens.  


Always intrigued by self-sufficiency and working with her hands, Kirsten enjoys sharing her experiences and the lessons of life on the farm for publications such as GritMother Earth NewsBackyard Poultry, and Hobbyfarms.com. 

Kirsten's first book, A Modern Homesteader's Guide to Keeping Geese, was released in October 2017.  Her second title, So You Want to Be a Modern Homesteader: All The Dirt on Living the Good Life, was released in December of 2018.  

Patrick grew up in Yarmouth, Maine with a flock of ducks as the family pets. After spending years in the corporate world, Patrick was drawn towards farming and its steady rhythms. With plenty of building know-how, Patrick’s construction abilities have been crucial in developing the farm and his vision keeps the spirits high no matter the obstacles.


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