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Live Classes on Gardening

September 19, 2021, 2pm

In this hands on class we’ll take a cabbage and make it sauerkraut!  This beginner class will introduce you to the basics of fermenting and how to preserve farm vegetables.  You’ll be sent a list of supplies if you want to make alongside me, and a few of my favorite fermenting recipes to try out at home. 

October 10, 2021 at 2pm

If you’ve always wanted to start a garden, but don’t know where to begin, this is the class for you!  We’ll talk about garden layout, what thrives in different gardening zones and how to figure out your zone, and go over what stores the best, what ripens first, and what common homestead garden plants need some extra love to thrive.  Attendees will receive a planting schedule for their zone after class, as well as more details on planting and harvesting times for the vegetable and herbs discussed in class.

Live classes may be available in 2022
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