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Live Classes on Geese

October 23, 2021 at 2pm

Choosing animals to add to a homestead can be a challenge.  You have to work within your limits of space, terrain, and time, and it’s important to know your goals for those animals.  Goats can help you clear brush, pigs will turn over land, and sheep and cows tend to be grazers not browsers (but what’s the difference?!).  Are chickens or ducks more suited to your space, and whose eggs would you prefer?  In this class, we’ll go over all the common homestead livestock and their pros and cons, ways they can help you nourish your land and ways that you can benefit from adding them to your farm.

November 14, 2021 at 2pm

The experience of keeping geese is dramatically effected by the breeds you select for your farm.  A Chinese goose will behave much differently than a Sebastopol, and a flock of Toulouse is not the same as a flock of Pilgrims.  Confused?  This class will help lay out the diversity of geese, explaining which breeds have been bred for which purposes and where each breed can thrive.  We’ll spend time talking about friendly geese and what breeds work best for a farm with small children or other livestock, but we’ll also discuss what breeds to consider if you need a guardian goose.  If you’re considering geese, this class is a must for making sure that your experience with them is a pleasure!  Attendees will receive printouts on various goose breeds and Kirsten hopes to introduce you to a few of the breeds on her farm live.

Live classes may be available in 2022
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December 5, 2021 at 2pm

In the most popular Hostile Valley Farm class, we will focus on the uses of geese on the homestead, housing and care for geese and goslings, and how to avoid any potential pitfalls on your goose keeping journey. There will be special attention paid to keeping geese with other poultry and using geese effectively as guardian animals, as well as giving goslings a great start.  As the author of the Modern Homesteader’s Guide to Keeping Geese and an experienced goose keeper with a flock of 17, I look forward to introducing you to these amazing birds.  Attendees of this class will receive printouts on goose care and uses on the modern farm.

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