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Features, stories, and interviews on our farm. 

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"In this episode I’ll be chatting with Kirsten Lie-Nielsen of the Hostile Valley Living Homestead.  Kirsten and her family live on a 200-year-old homestead in Maine.  She raises geese, goats, and focuses on using permaculture and agricultural practices in her lifestyle. Kirsten, is also a homesteading author and educator. In addition to two books on homesteading, she hosts classes, and offers special educational resources for those interested in this lifestyle. In this episode I talk with Kirsten about what she does and how she got there."

- Eva Karpman, March 2022

Inspired by their flock of geese, two modern back-to-the-landers build their dream farm in Liberty.

July 2021

By Rachel Hurn

Photographs by Ari Kellerman

"This week we are joined by writer and homesteader Kirsten Lie-Nielsen of Hostile Valley Living. Kirsten and her partner Patrick spent years restoring a 200 year-old  farm that had been abandoned for 20 years. Since moving, Kirsten has written two books on homesteading. In our conversation, she discusses why she chose to raise pigs, geese, and goats, why Maine is a great state for homesteaders, and the creative ways she is piecing together a living working almost entirely off of her small farm." -- January 1, 2021

"In this episode you'll meet Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, of Hostile Valley Living! She goes in depth about renovating her 200 year old farm, Maine living, and using animals for permaculture land management. 
She was a real treat, you won't want to miss this! " -- December 18, 2020

"Here to share her best advice is Kirsten Lie-Nielsen of Hostile Valley Living. Located in rural Maine, Kirsten has been raising geese and enjoying their query personalities and practicality in her sustainable permaculture practices for years. For a poultry type with many misconceptions, how does one become intrigued to raise such a large flock of them?" -- February 12, 2021

"Hi friends! Here for another episode loaded with great information about Homesteading?
This week we had the opportunity to talk with Kirsten from Hostile Valley Living (Instagram)
about raising geese on the homestead!
We cover things from different breeds, purposes, and needs!
Kirsten is a wealth of information on this topic and had even written a book!

Check it out! Happy listening." -- March 26, 2021

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