March 7, 2020

Guinea fowl can sometimes get a bad rap.  They’re a unique bird with special characteristics, which means it is important to understand them before adding them to your farm.  If you are expecting a chicken-like bird that’s quiet and hangs around the coop, you’ll be dis...

February 20, 2020

At Hostile Valley Farm, we believe that you can have a farm that raises livestock without butchering them.  I’ve run into a lot of discussion online lately about farming and having pets, folks who believe that if you aren’t butchering your animals you just aren’t farmi...

January 30, 2020

Have you been thinking about adding geese to your farm, but you're not sure what breeds would work for you?  Geese have a reputation as being aggressive, and breed selection can make a huge difference in how your goose behaves.  It is very important to think about why...

January 20, 2020

We just finished round one of artificial insemination on our gilt (year old female) pig, Nutmeg.  We are also in the midst of watching some of our goats to see if they go into heat, so we can whisk them off to a driveway breeding date.  

I have had a few questions...

January 16, 2020

I’m getting excited thinking about all the things happening on our farm this year!  

2019 was a rough year, and it didn’t seem like we accomplished a whole lot in terms of farm growth and progress.  But sometimes times like that are necessary to regroup and focus on wha...

October 21, 2019

During the height of summer this year, our wonderful doe Tater was supplying us with a half gallon of milk a day.  That is excellent milk production for a Nigerian Dwarf, and while it might not seem like huge amount, it is way more milk than a family of two can consume...

September 5, 2019

My favorite way to preserve vegetables is through fermentation.  This means a lot of sauerkrauts and variations on krauts, as well as a few brine pickles, relishes, and chutneys.  Fermenting is a huge topic that covers a lot of kinds of food preservation and is backed...

July 18, 2019

It was a busy April-May-and-June this year!  At the end of a whirlwind kidding season we have nine healthy kids and four thriving mamas. 

There were some high points and some lows during our kidding season, and here are a few of the lessons that I learned.

Go With Y...

May 30, 2019

Kidding season was a whirlwind this year! 

This was only our second kidding season (last year we gave the girls a year off), and by far the busiest.  We had four pregnant does deliver ten kids, seven of which were girls.  

First up was Sweet Pea, one of our original...

I have spent a lot of time the past few months traveling around Maine to promote my new book, So You Want to Be a Modern Homesteader?.  This has been a humbling and exciting experience on many fronts.

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time at local libraries.  I was ho...

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January 16, 2020

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