Goat Skills 101
A live, in person class at Hostile Valley Farm
July 9, 2022 from 10am to 2pm

This class will offer an introduction to keeping goats so that you are prepared to add goats to your homestead.

In this class we will discuss everything from herd health to necessary infrastructure.  We will start by going over effective goat fencing, housing, and milking stands; we will also get hands on with hoof trimming and milking and discuss in depth mineral needs, including how to administer injections.  You should leave class confident with hands on knowledge of goat keeping basics.  


A farm fresh lunch is included.

At the end of class there will be time for kid snuggles with our 2022 goat kids (and lambs!) and a farm tour will be available for anyone who wishes to stay and meet all the animals.

Cost is $75/person

Or $50 for Hostile Valley Insider's Club Members (see page) and those with deposits on Hostile Valley Farm goat kids.  Please contact me via email (hostilevalleyliving@gmail.com) if this is the case.


Proof of vaccination and/or negative Covid-19 test (or willingness to wear a mask) is appreciated.  Entire class will take place outdoors, with plenty of room for social distancing. 

A bleach bath for farm boots & hand washing station will be available when you arrive and leave. 

Please stay with the goat class and don’t pet or feed animals without permission.

Be aware — Maine can have harsh weather, and ticks and brown tail moths live in our great outdoors.  Dress appropriately in layers.  Bug spray will be provided.