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Chive Blossom Vinegar

Making chive blossom vinegar is very easy, and all you need to start is a type of vinegar (I prefer white wine because the color becomes more rich) and some chive blossoms. Since chives are hardy, easy to grow plants, many people can have an abundance of blossoms with very little effort. The amount needed to make vinegar is relativity small, so you can still leave some blooms behind for the bees.

For a pint of vinegar you need about a cup of chive blossoms, and you can increase the amount for more flavor and color, or if you want more vinegar. Pluck the blossoms right at their base, leaving as little stem as possible. Rinse them thoroughly in cold water or use a salad spinner to get any dirt or bugs off of them.

Shake them dry and fill your clean pint (or larger) jar.

Fill the jar with vinegar up to the top – use a spoon to push the blossoms down. Now you cap the jar and put it in a cool, dark place. You can leave it for up to two weeks, the longer you leave the more color and chive flavor your vinegar will take on.

After the vinegar has brewed, remove the lid and strain thoroughly with a sieve. Discard the blossoms and pour the rose colored liquid into a jar for sharing and enjoying.


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