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The Waiting Game (And Gardens In)

I saw a meme on the internet the other day showing a skeleton looking out the window with the caption "me, waiting for my goats to go into labor". While our goats are not beyond their due dates yet, I am already feeling this way and the suspense is killing me.

We are keeping a close eye on both Sweet Pea and Tater, but it's Sweet Pea who is due within the next week or so. She is displaying many signs that indicate she will deliver soon, including a fully bagged up udder and has become very docile and sweet. While we were trimming the goat's hooves yesterday, we even felt the kick of a kid inside her.

To prepare for Sweet Pea's delivery I have been checking and re-checking my birthing supplies, and we have separated a space in the goat area as a delivery room. This space will be kept extra clean and we'll move Sweet Pea there as soon as the signs show delivery imminent.

Meanwhile, was we wait for baby goats, we're busily putting in our garden. We did a quick spring till of the new garden space and started laying out paths between rainstorms. The 2017 vegetable garden is twice the size of any garden I've previously kept, and I wonder how we'll be able to eat or preserve all the food we will be growing!

Getting down in the dirt again after a long winter is an amazing feeling. The sunshine, when we get it, has been warm and the soil where our garden is going is rich and deep. Chickens, goats, and geese have all inspected the area and would eagerly eat up any greenery, so a supply of temporary fencing is on the way to protect our seedlings.

The waiting game continues, as we eagerly look forward to introducing you to the newest kids on the farm!


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