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A Few Farm Updates

Needless to say, it has been a busy summer! I apologize for not keeping the blog more up-to-date this season, but I've been away from my computer a lot more than usual and very tired by the time I get to relax in the evenings.

Our house build is now in the final stages, when each project is a finishing touch and everything starts to take shape before us. It's a pretty busy push towards the finished product, but each step is a little bit more satisfying than the last.

In the midst of home-building we are also preparing for the release of my second book! So You Want to Be a Modern Homesteader? is due out in November, and I'll be visiting various local libraries as part of a book release tour. Check the 'Events + Contact' tab for a full schedule - I will be adding to it throughout the fall.

And the new book isn't all! I'm still promoting my first book, The Modern Homesteader's Guide to Keeping Geese, as well. You can see my talk on keeping geese at the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA, or at the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity, Maine.

The garden is finally winding down, with only a few crops remaining to harvest (mostly tomatoes). That's a blessing as we will be busily moving into our home in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for following along - more updates will be coming soon!

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