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Announcing Our Quarterly Print Newsletter

We are starting a seasonal print newsletter!

This mailing will ship out four times a year, approximately with the seasonal changes. The print form will, among other perks, allow us to collect several of our favorite things into one place that can be saved as a handy resource.

Features will include:

- General farm updates about our experiences

- Personal articles on homesteading, animal care, and a seasonal recipe or two

- Guest articles from favorite writers and bloggers

- Farmhouse decor tips from our newly renovated home and favorite homesteads

- A seasonal checklist for farm or garden preparation

- A seasonal ‘must have’ list for animal or farmer care

- A list of upcoming Events where you can meet us, buy my books, or learn from other farmers

- ‘Musings from the Valley’ - a special section about the history of our special area, including antidotes and memories from neighbors and stories from the local historical archives

In the future, subscriptions may include tasty treats from our farm or special swag that we have produced.

To subscribe, you can fill out the form at the top of the home page of our website, or feel free to email your name and address to

We will not share your name or information with anyone else and promise to keep mailings to the newsletter and any accompanying products. You can cancel at any time - just email us.

I hope you will be as excited about this new venture as I am! I look forward to hearing from you.

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