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Lucky the Goat Tshirts Available

Check this out! New Lucky the Goat tshirts are available!

With an awesome design by Jaclyn Baulbit (, we’re selling Lucky the Goat tees for a limited time through Bonfire.

This means to order one follow this link:

Bonfire ships these tshirts directly within two weeks, which means that you will receive your shirts in time for Christmas if you are thinking ahead for holiday shopping.

This is a limited run of tshirts, so order within the next three weeks! I may offer other shirts or this design again some day, but this is it for 2018.

Shirts have the Hostile Valley Farm logo on the back.

Sizes do run small - I would order one size up from your usual - but they are super comfy and soft and they have Lucky’s adorable baby goat silhouette on them.

Again, to order shirts just follow the link:

Thank you!

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