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Looking Forward to Kidding Season

This Sunday we go to pick up Willie Nelson from Rock Bottom Farm in Richmond, Maine. Willie, a beautiful blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf buck, will be servicing our girls for kids coming in Spring/Summer of 2019!

For those that are interested you may have noticed I now hav kids as a section on the shop area of my website - click here.

2019 Kids will be registerable with the ADGA, and could have anywhere between six and twenty in the kidding season - depending on how many each mama has. We're planning to keep a few does and maybe a wether, but a number will be for sale.

If you are interested, please email me at This is NOT a commitment to buy, it just puts your name on a list to be contacted when kids arrive.

We have six does being bred this winter. Kids should be arriving in late May and early June.

Wethers $100

Bucks $150

Does $250

I am very happy to answer any questions about raising and keeping goats for interested parties. We reserve the right to approve farms before selling kids, to ensure they go to good homes.


Our mamas for 2019 are original twins Sweet Pea and Tater, their daughters Bliss, Maude, and Mary Jane, and our Nubian doe Ginger. I'll be keeping you up to date on their care and deliveries through the blog, and look forward to sharing lots of bouncing kids in the summer!

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