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Welcoming Rogue's Triplets

Two weeks ago we welcomed three new goat kids to the farm!

We brought home Rogue as a bred doe in late March and kept a close eye on her until her due date of May 9. Unlike most goats I’ve known, Rogue kidded exactly on her due date. She had an easy, flawless delivery with all three kids up and starting to nurse within minutes.

I truly could not be more thrilled with how Rogue’s kidding went or how the kids have thrived since. This was Rogue’s third freshening, and also my third kidding season, and I think experience is everything. Neither of us panicked, and everything went smoothly. While one kid was a little bit smaller than the other two, all three are getting plenty of food and have already doubled in size and are bouncing around.

Our first girl was Layla, a beautiful little doeling. Her color pattern is referred to among dairy goat enthusiasts as buckskin and it is a particularly striking and desirable. She is curious and sweet, very bold and is the most likely to be found somewhere she shouldn’t be.

Janie is the other doeling, with calico markings like her mother. She is the smallest of the three but full of personality and all about snuggles.

And finally we have an unnamed buckling. He is a more creamy calico color and is a little bit shy despite being our biggest kid. He is going to a friend of ours at eight weeks old to be a herd sire, and he’s particularly lucky because the farm he is going to already has three of our doe kids from last year.

We have decided to keep both doelings. Originally we were only going to keep one kid from Rogue’s kidding, but I did not want to sell one doeling alone so that seemed like a good excuse to keep both! I can’t wait to see how these beautiful girls grow up.

The kids are keeping us busy on the farm, as are the projects of cleaning up for spring. In about six weeks I’ll start milking Rogue, which I am very excited about. I plan to keep the blog updated with farm happenings throughout the summer, but if you are looking for more of my educational content you can also find informative blog posts on a monthly basis at both and at

I am also trying to focus on more educational content on Instagram (@hostilevalleyliving) and have recently joined TikTok to help promote homesteading education (also @hostilevalleyliving). So if you would like to keep up to date with everything on the farm or if you just want some information on how to get started homesteading, check out all of these resources!

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