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Kidding Season 2022 Begins

We have a buck on the farm! Rock Bottom Farm Galileo arrived for a couple of week’s romantic getaway with our does. Galileo is a handsome, moonspotted buck sired by Tiny Hilly Farm Wyatt Earp, a *B sire. Galileo got to work immediately!

We have six does to breed this year. Tater is the matriarch and herd queen, and she hasn’t been bred since 2017 (although her broad sides make everyone ask me if she’s pregnant). Tater was one of the first three goats we brought home and we’re excited to be breeding her again.

Lily was bred for the first time last year but had stillborn kids (due to a headbutt from another goat) — but she was one of the best milkers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, so I can’t wait to breed her back. Lily was raised on our farm and is the daughter of Sweet Pea.

We also have Rogue, the GOAT who produced quintuplets last spring and is the best goat mama on the farm; and we’re breeding her daughters Layla and Janie. Rogue came to our farm in Spring 2020 and she’s been the rockstar ever since. Her colors are amazing, her personality is even better, and she is protective, sweet, and caring as a mom. Her daughter Layla (born here in 2020) had two kids last year and was just as good at mothering as Rogue. This will be Janie’s, Layla’s twin sister, first freshening and I can’t wait to see her kids - she looks like mama Rogue except even more calico.

I’m hoping to retain one or two doelings from Rogue’s line to continue focusing my breeding program on them. We love all of our goats but the Rogue line has it all in milk production, patience and good behavior, mothering instincts, and amazing colors.

Most of our kids are spoken for, but if you are interested in goat kids for 2022 you can email I am waitlisting people for doelings and taking deposits for bucklings/wethers at the moment.

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