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Online Homesteading Classes

I am extremely excited to share with you the very first Hostile Valley Farm Online classes!

Sharing the knowledge and love of this lifestyle has always been a huge inspiration for me. Recently I have been thinking about ways to reach more would-be homesteaders and connect with folks that have questions about this lifestyle. The silver lining of 2020 quarantine has been the normalization of online learning, an outlet where I can share with people from all over the world and hopefully inspire more to step into this way of life, or help those already heading down a homesteading path. It’s my honor to be a part of your homesteading journey.

These classes will include a presentation of information, demonstration videos, a Q&A session, and addition digital resources for attendees.

Our first three classes are:

A Guide to Geese and Goslings — February 20 at 2pm

Offering an introduction to the unsung heroes of the modern farm, this class will start by explaining the many benefits of geese and why a farmer would want them. Kirsten, author of the Modern Homesteader's Guide to Keeping Geese, will include a guide to goose breeds and selecting the right breed for your farm, and also include a primer on gosling care.

Permaculture Pets — March 13 at 2pm

This class will offer a quick guide to expanding the usefulness of homestead livestock and working with animals to improve your land. We will delve into how, at our farm, goats, sheep, and pigs work in harmony to help restore our land. Applicable to homesteads that raise their own food, this class is also meant to be a guide for those interested in homesteading with livestock that are not for consumption, showing just how useful each animal can be on the modern farm. In addition to goats, sheep, and pigs, we will also talk about geese, guinea fowl, chicks, ducks, and more.

Homesteading Step One: Finding Land — March 27 at 2pm

Beginning with the story of our homestead, this class will look at specific examples from local real estate listings and talk about the pros and cons of available properties.

Topics covered will include making a priority list, the flexibility of homestead animals and gardens depending on terrain, and some tips on places to look.

You can click the class titles to sign up, or visit the “Events & Classes” link in the menu. There is a $10 registration fee.

I hope this will be the beginning of a new adventure for me! I plan to add more online classes throughout the spring and summer, hopefully including some expert guests and many additional topics. Stay tuned!

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