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Southdown Babydoll Sheep

Back in 2020 we brought home our first sheep, Caesar and Nero. The flock happily expanded in November 2021 with the addition of our two ewes, Libby and Orla from Starboard Farm in Machiasport, Maine. Now with a ram and two ewes we plan to lamb every spring, offering the exceptional Southdown Babydoll Sheep for sale.

What is a Southdown Babydoll Sheep? First of all, you cannot overlook their appearance. One can argue persuasively that there is nothing cuter than a Babydoll sheep, especially a Babydoll lamb. Appropriately named, they have doll-like faces that are a poof of fluff and huge, inquisitive eyes.

Babydoll sheep stand out as a smaller sheep breed, slightly larger than Nigerian Dwarf goats at around 24” tall. This compact size makes them easy to handle and ideal for a homestead where you may have to rassle a single sheep by yourself. Additionally they have sweet, curious temperaments that make them easier to train and much more cuddly than many sheep breeds.

As a fiber sheep, the Babydoll produces fleece with a micron count of 23-29. Their fleece is very soft and comfortable, sometimes compared to cashmere, and is also sought after for felting. The one downside — Babydolls have a short staple or final length of fleece, only around 3”. This means it will take more sheep to make a useable amount of fleece.

Babydolls are not huge foragers, preferring grasses as their primary diet. This makes them perfect for vineyards and orchards where they will graze around fruit without disturbing them, keeping paths neat and trim.

Coming in either a white or black color (and rarely spotted), Babydolls are naturally polled meaning they do not grow horns. Low maintenance, disease resistant, and easy-going, they are the perfect sheep for a new farmer and I am constantly recommending them simply because of how easy they are to raise. They do not readily challenge fences and are naturally good mothers, and friendly around children.

The smiling face of a Babydoll sheep may draw you to this breed, but it’s their sweet dispositions that keep them on your farm.

Interested in Hostile Valley Farm Babydolls? We do currently have a waitlist but feel free to reach out for more details on 2023 or 2024 lambs!

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