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The Homesteader Gift Guide

Searching for the perfect gift for a homesteader, farmer, gardener or outdoor enthusiast in your life?

Here’s some of our favorites for the holiday season.

Comfort & Cozy

Under $100

Stove fan

A wood stove fan powered by heat spreads the warmth out from your fire.

Fireplace tools

Keep the wood stove clean and tidy.

Stove brush or broom

Clean up the constant stove dust

Base layers

Sweatpants, leggings, tank tops for inside comfort that fit under outside layers.

Fat wood fire starter

No more headaches over getting the fire started

Firewood carrier

Transport logs with ease and no mess

Warm socks

Cozy slippers


Tea or coffee

Give the gift of a morning brew

Hand cream

Find a local maker if you can!

Over $100

Cozy sweater

Layer up!

Heat blasting fan

Move warmth around the house and into other rooms.

Wool blanket

French press

Upgrade the coffee game

Chores & Work:

Under $100

Chainsaw/work helmet

Keep them safe!

Five gallon or other buckets

You can never have too many buckets on a farm


Give the gift of next year’s garden.


Constantly useful

Warm hat

Garden tools

From rakes & hoes to trowels & cultivators

Work gloves

Garden basket

Always handy

Box of screws

Power drills are more expensive, but they’re useless without screws!

Over $100

Power tools

Drills, chainsaws, sawzalls, skilsaws, etc


Absolutely necessary for anyone in a cold climate

Two-wheeled wheelbarrow

You don’t realize how much of a difference dual wheels make until you try them!

Winter boots

Kitchen & Cooking

Under $100

Compost bucket

@riseabvegarden donates proceeds to food programs & their bucket is fruit-fly and odor resistant.


No more endless slicing!

Sauerkraut tamper

Pack down sauerkraut with ease

Fermenting weights & lids

For sauerkraut and other pickling adventures. Available in kits.


Endlessly useful

Bread making basket

For the perfect proof

Spices, dried goods

Never underestimate the wonderful gift of spices, flour, sugar, etc.

Dough whisk

Mix dough with ease

Kitchen scale

Take the guesswork out of measuring

Kitchen towels

Over $100


Make mixing easy!

Ice cream maker

For all of the sweet treats

Cast Iron Pots

Even if they already have some, you can never have too many

Freeze Drier

Help store food longer

Outdoors & Adventure

Under $100


There are plenty of expensive ones out there, but there are also cheap ones that work wonders for chores and outdoors!



Warm and comfy

Insulated bottle

Travel mug


Prevent serious injuries with this gift!

Hand warmers

Toss these in your gloves and you will be amazed

Over $100

Puffy layers

For outdoor adventures or under your canvas at chore time

Heated vest

Dry bag

In snow or on water, keeps everything dry.

Happy holidays!

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