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At Hostile Valley Farm we are revitalizing a 200 year old homestead, using permaculture agriculture practices and heritage breed animals. 
We breed Nigerian Dwarf Goats & Babydoll Sheep and offer educational classes, books and resources on homesteading and animal care.


Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, half of the team at Hostile Valley Farm, is a homesteading author and educator.  In addition to two books on homesteading, she hosts consults, classes, and offers special educational resources for those interested in the lifestyle.  Visit the Club and Education tabs to learn more.

Feel free to reach out with your homesteading questions via

PDF Texts

Consults + Classes


Educational videos on all aspects of homesteading available via my YouTube channel

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Free PDF downloads on animal care and homesteading facts

Homesteading consults offer a one-on-one opportunity to receive advise tailored to your farm’s unique needs.
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