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Features, stories, and interviews about the farm

A Homesteading Couple Revives a 200-Year-Old Maine Farm
by Rachel Hurn, Maine Magazine

Inspired by their flock of geese, two modern back-to-the-landers build their dream farm in Liberty.

Photography: Ari Kellerman


A modern homesteader revives a 200-year-old farm with her partner
on The Urban Exodus Podcast with Alissa Hessler

 In our conversation, Kirsten Lie-Nielsen discusses why she chose to raise pigs, geese, and goats, why Maine is a great state for homesteaders, and the creative ways she is piecing together a living working almost entirely off of her small farm.

Artwork: Alissa Hessler


Permaculture with Kirsten Lie-Nielsen
on The Definitely NOT Simple Life Podcast 

In this episode you'll meet Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, of Hostile Valley Living! She goes in depth about renovating her 200 year old farm, Maine living, and using animals for permaculture land management. 
She was a real treat, you won't want to miss this! 

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