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Upcoming Online Classes on Goats

Live Classes on Goats

October 23, 2021 at 2pm

Choosing animals to add to a homestead can be a challenge.  You have to work within your limits of space, terrain, and time, and it’s important to know your goals for those animals.  Goats can help you clear brush, pigs will turn over land, and sheep and cows tend to be grazers not browsers (but what’s the difference?!).  Are chickens or ducks more suited to your space, and whose eggs would you prefer?  In this class, we’ll go over all the common homestead livestock and their pros and cons, ways they can help you nourish your land and ways that you can benefit from adding them to your farm.

Novemebr 6, 2021 at 2pm

This class will offer a 101 for potential goat keepers, from setting up housing and pasture space to how to trim hooves. We'll discuss using goats in rotational grazing, basic nutritional information, and what is involved in the day-to-day and year-by-year care of goats.
While this class won't be focused on breeding and milking, we will discuss options for the small homestead when it comes to dairy goat breeding.
This class will focus on Nigerian Dwarf goats, although the information will be applicable to all breeds and we will briefly discuss other common goat breeds.  Attendees of the class will receive printout information on goat breeds and care, and the class will include a live demonstration of hoof trimming.

Live classes may be available in 2022
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We also sell goats + sheep!
Nigerian Dwarf goats are ADGA registered. Babydoll Sheep are BSSBA registered.  Both come from excellent genetics and are guaranteed friendly. Please email for pricing and to be added to our waitlist.  

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