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Nigerian Dwarf Goat & Babydoll Sheep Sales

Our Nigerian Dwarf goats are AGS registered, from excellent milking lines, and selected for exceptional personality and friendliness.  
Email to be put on the list for 2023 goat kids.
Kids are $350/doelings, $150/wethers.

Our Southdown Babydoll Sheep are BSSBA registered with top genetics.  
Email to get on the waitlist for Babydoll lambs.
Lambs are $600/ewe, $500/wether.

We also stud our BSSBA/OEBSS registered ram to the right ewes.  'Nero' is RR and incredibly friendly.  Email for details & stud fee.

All of our animals are guaranteed friendly. Please email for pricing and to be added to our waitlist.  

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