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Nigerian Dwarf Goat & Babydoll Sheep Sales

Our Nigerian Dwarf goats are AGS registered, from excellent milking lines, and selected for exceptional personality and friendliness.  
Email to be put on the list for 2023 goat kids.
Kids are $350/doelings, $150/wethers.

Our Southdown Babydoll Sheep are BSSBA registered with top genetics.  
Email to get on the waitlist for Babydoll lambs.
Lambs are $600/ewe, $400/wether.

We also stud our BSSBA/OEBSS registered ram to the right ewes.  'Nero' is RR and incredibly friendly.  Email for details & stud fee.

All of our animals are guaranteed friendly. Please email for pricing and to be added to our waitlist.  

Homestead Livestock Consults

Whether you’ve just moved to the country or you’re looking to add animals to your homestead, choosing the right livestock for your farm can be a challenge.  This consult is meant to help you make the right decision for your land and your situation.  I use a ‘permaculture pets’ model here on our farm, utilizing our animals for land restoration and management as well as traditional benefits like dairy and eggs.  Here on our farm we don’t eat our animals — but they’re still hard working employees, and I hope to help you be able to use your animals the same way.  (note: the principles of ‘permaculture pets’ can be transferred to animals kept for meat).


Consult information will cover:

— The various types of livestock available to you and their benefits for land management

— Your farm’s particular needs and the land’s ability to support these livestock

— The practical considerations of livestock such as housing, feed, water source

— How various species can/will compliment each other on your farm

— How to effectively use pasture rotation for land management and parasite control


Consults are $25/hour.  All meetings are via Zoom and will be followed up with an email going over what we discussed and including some further resources.  For local Maine farms, a live consult may be considered at an additional fee for travel.


If you are interested in adding geese to your farm and think a consult would be helpful for you please email, subject line: “Consult”